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Civil Rights

Mission Statement

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Our firm helps regular people with their various legal needs. Family is of vital importance, especially when the health and well-being of children is concerned. We can help you ensure that the best interest of children will be laid out in the legal process and protect assets during domestic legal disputes. Further, end of life planning is an essential part of family matters, thus we can write wills and trusts (including NFA Firearm trusts).
·         Divorce
·         Child custody (parenting time and legal decision making)
·         Modification of child support
·         Representing people in order of protection hearings
·         Third-Party visitation rights
·         Representing people in IV-D hearings

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Criminal Law

Practice Areas

Laws governing an employment relationship can invoke Arizona state law and Federal law.  While Arizona is known as a right to work state there are several Federal laws, such as the American’s with disabilities Act (ADA), which can raise to the level where you may want an attorney to help you through your particular employment matter.
·         Non-compete contracts
·         ADA compliance

Employment Law

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Our goal is to provide you with a legal advocate who cares about your legal situation and how it affects you personally.


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Landlord-tenant Law

State and federal law protects persons in many ways. Social Security benefits are available to persons with disabilities who cannot work. Persons with disabilities enjoy protections under the Americans with Disabilities Act. We can help you through these processes. 
·         Setting aside criminal judgements
·         Restoring civil rights
·         Social Security Disability

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Family and Domestic Law

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Criminal law affects many people and we recognize the importance of an informed defense in criminal matters. Thus, we focus on providing timely and accurate information to clients to enable an appropriate course of action for criminal defendants.  Arizona law also allows parties to set aside criminal judgments and restore civil rights in certain circumstances
·        Setting aside criminal judgements
​·        Traffic ticket defense

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Whether you are the landlord or the tenant we can help you with difficulties you are having.  The Arizona Landlord Tenant Act provides for protections and responsibilities that both parties are required to adhere to.
·         Evictions
·         Leases
·         Helping tenants through landlord conflict

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